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Welcome to Karam House

Toplum için Yenilik ve Yardım Derneği has created two Innovative Education in each of Reyhanli and Istanbul, Turkey. These centers—known as Karam Houses—are open to all members of these communities, regardless of origin or background. They got their name from the Arabic word ‘Karam’ which means generosity because we’ve built them to give the community generous amounts of physical, emotional, and intellectual space to connect, learn, and grow into generous contributors to society. The name is also in tribute to our generous donor Karam Foundation, who has supported this project from its beginnings. 

Youth of all nationalities come together to access the space and work on homework, collaborate, play games, read books, and hang out during their free time. Mothers and fathers frequent Karam House to take part in integration activities or informative awareness sessions. Youth can turn their ideas into built projects. They can participate in innovation activities and courses approved by the Turkish Ministry of Education.

Karam House is a place of healing and growth for young people who have witnessed and survived the trauma of violence and homelessness. At Karam House, our goal is to serve youth in the short term, with a holistic approach to healthy living. We do this by providing healing programming and a source of creativity and inspiration, emphasizing skill development that will benefit them and their communities in the long run. Young people at Karam House gain essential leadership skills, entrepreneurship skills, and critical thinking abilities to guide them to build the bright futures they deserve.

Impact in Numbers

At Karam House, youth between the ages of 14-18 can explore ideas, access state-of-the-art equipment include laser cutters and 3D Printers, and develop their skills.

In 2019,


youth accesses the space. 

More than 500

hours were spent innovating and bringing ideas to life.


 hours of coaching support given to youth 

Visiting Mentors

Local and international experts including chefs, artists, poets, creators, writers, and innovators visit Karam House and provide youth with the opportunity to learn from their expertise. Past Visiting Mentors include Nesli Ergun, Jim McSherry, Anissa Helou, Rama Samkari, and many others.

How to sign up

If you or someone you know wants to enroll in Karam House, fill out this form here.
Note: Karam House Innovation sessions are open to all youth between the ages of 14 and 18.

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