Community Park

Toplum için Yenilik ve Yardım Derneği created Karam Park as a gift and symbol of our utmost appreciation to the Reyhanlı Municipality for its hospitality towards the Syrian refugee community. Karam Park is a place where Syrian and Turkish communities come together to design, build, and play. Special thanks to Offsh for their talents and expertise in creating the innovative park design.

We thank the Reyhanli municipality for generously dedicating this plot of land for this project. We also want to thank our donor, Karam Foundation, for funding this project in its entirety. Karam means generosity in Arabic, and our partners have been extremely generous in their support of our work. Finally, we want to extend our gratitude to the Reyhanli community for being so welcoming of Syrians, especially in their time of great need. This warmth and generosity—this Karam— is what the Turkish community is known for, and it is why we named this project Karam Park. 

Karam Park park represents the strength and beauty that two communities can build together through collective generosity.
May we always be good neighbors. 

Community Park Opening Ceremony



Thank you to our partners who made this possible.